Domestic Study-Alabama Scholarship

Community College of Philadelphia will be hosting the third Global Summit on Social Justice. Here is a synopsis of last summer’s programs. This year, the Global Studies summit will focus on Social Justice within the U.S. and U.S. territories. Programs will consist of weeklong itinerary of virtual and/or in-person activities consisting of tours, film screenings, lectures, presentations, talks, etc. The program will run throughout Summer Session I (May 15, 2023 – June 22, 2023). All domestic travel will occur between June 5, 2023-June 23, 2023.
Additionally, Global Student Ambassadors (GSA’s) will be chosen through an application process. They will travel and take either a 1-credit IDS120 course or 3 credit course during Summer Session I. All travel and course expenses will be covered (e.g. domestic airfare, travel, lodging, food, activities, virtual and/or in–person events and activities, etc). All participants must follow that region’s safety protocols. The duration of the trips can be approximately 5-7 days.
Students will need to provide a $150 deposit to secure their place.

Please contact the Study Abroad Coordinator: Lucia Gbaya-Kanga ( with any questions or concerns!

Participation Requirements and Important Information
1. To be eligible, students must have completed at least 12 credits at Community College of Philadelphia by the end of Fall 2022, be registered in Spring 2023 courses at the College, and be in good academic standing with no disciplinary holds.

2. Interviews of the finalists will begin in early February 2023. Selected students will be notified on or around February 28, 2023. When the selection process is complete, selected students will need to submit a $150 deposit to secure their place.
The $150 check or money order should be made out to Community College of Philadelphia and taken to the Division of Liberal Arts in BR21 at the time you submit your acceptance/agreement form.

3. Students will also be enrolled in either a one-credit course, Interdisciplinary Studies 120: Social Justice Program or a three-credit course during Summer Session I.
Students will read, write and discuss materials to prepare for and reflect upon their domestic study experience.
In addition, there will be pre and post departure meetings, which will be arranged by the Study Abroad coordinator and faculty group leaders. Attendance is mandatory.

4. After travel, students will be expected to participate in presentations or panel discussions to share their study abroad experience with others in the College community.

Alabama: Civil Rights and Black Power Movements
Faculty Leaders: Nwenna Kai Gates and Dr. Anyabwile Love
All domestic travel will occur between June 5, 2023-June 23, 2023.
Travel Duration: 5 days (subject to change)
Course Dates: May 15, 2023- June 29, 2023
Alabama is the cradle of the confederacy, but it is also one of the birthplaces of the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements. This immersive program will explore historical events, sites and communities of Alabama that reflect the breadth of these movements, and their legacies. Students will be introduced to the historical narratives of resistance movements and their connections to the cultural and political ideologies in Alabama’s Black community today. Also, students will be introduced to the vibrant art and culinary world throughout Alabama.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Essay Question: A carefully written statement by the applicant of 300-600 words explaining past coursework, reading and/or experience that led you to be interested in this particular opportunity, and how studying and visiting the program for which you are applying for would further your personal career goals.