Dr. Edward Anderson Scholarship (Business Programs)

Dr. Edward Anderson was the founding director of the College’s Division of Economics and Business Administration, serving as professor from 1965 until his death in June of 1972. Dr. Anderson was highly regarded for his many talents and contributions to the College as an educator, administrator, entrepreneur, marketing expert and artist. It was Dr. Anderson’s devotion to his students in the role of educator that inspired alumni contributors to name this scholarship in his honor. Below is the criteria to be eligible for the scholarship:

*Must be a Business, Accounting, or Business (Accelerated) major
*Must possess a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
*Must have successfully completed Accounting 101 with a “C” or better
*Must have a minimum of 12 credits earned at the College
*Applicants may be full-time or part-time
*Applicants must interview with the selection committee
*Applicants must be returning to the College in the fall
*Scholarship funds will be applied directly to the recipients’ fall and spring tuition accounts