Study Abroad-Cambodia

Travel Dates:
Cambodia: June 5 – June 17, 2020
Before applying for STUDY ABROAD
You will be selected for an interview upon the basis of your on-line Scholarship Application including a Statement of Interest, Faculty Recommendation, and your Transcript: Be able to demonstrate why you are interested in visiting that specific site. Learn about the region and go to an Information Session. For a stronger faculty recommendation, talk to your professor about why the region interests you. Plan ahead so you have the necessary funds and can meet payment deadlines. The Program Fee YOU PAY of $750-$850 contributes to various program costs such as: international airfare, lodging, transportation in country, travel insurance, many meals, most admission fees, etc. Once accepted into the program the scholarship is directly applied to program costs as well. The scholarship DOES NOT COVER the $750- $850 program fee.

In March, YOU need to register and pay for a one-credit course with fees this one-credit course costs $193. Please begin the process of acquiring a passport, if you do not have one. Realize that the passport fee is about $100 and you need a passport photo that costs about $15 at CVS, etc. We need a copy of the page of your passport or passport application before we can book an airplane ticket in your name. U.S. Passports last for 10 years, so getting one is a good investment.

Program Costs: The $1,426 Study Abroad Program Fee, paid by students covers all transportation, lodging, some meals, and the mandatory 3 credit summer course. 1st payment: $450 on January 31, 2020. 2nd payment: $400 on February 28, 2020. 3rd payment: $576 for 3 credit course March 2020. Deadline to submit application Friday, December 6, 2019.
The Program Fee prices do not include the additional costs: passport: $110 + (passport photo & shipping costs), updated inoculations (travel shots may be needed for specific sites), and personal expenses ($300). Please note: Scholarship is applied to trip costs, not course fees or personal expenses. Also, passport cards can be used for land or sea travel to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean, but they cannot be used for any international air travel or for visas. Feel free to purchase the card but get the passport book also! Visit CCP Study Abroad for additional information about 2020 Cambodia, Costa Rica, and South Africa.

Supplemental Questions
  1. If you answered "yes" to the question indicating that you are interested in participating in the Study Abroad Program in Cambodia, please complete the essay below. Discuss why you are interested in studying abroad, specifically, Cambodia.